Monday, December 31, 2007

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

I know you think that I have completely forgotten about my blog...but never fear Disney pics are here! So our first morning the 3 of us literately raced through Main Street in the Magic Kingdom to make our 8:40 appointment at Cinderella's Castle. When we arrived inside the magical place the fairy godmothers just looked at us and said "have you been running." Yes we had been running and we couldn't believe we had actually made it! Here are the pictures for this magical adventure!This is Cinderella's castle where the transformation will take place!

Here is Nora's fairy godmother.

This is the inside of the place, magical for sure!

Nora is very serious at this point! She can feel that fairy magic coming on her!

She must reapply her lipstick while her hair is being done.

This is her magic shield from the magical hair spray.

A princess gets her crown!

Now for her nails!

Almost done, but first we must get our royal sash to finish it off!

The finished product! She is totally in her make believe land right now!

The back of her hair.

The royal crown and Mickey pins.

A princess and her castle!

Taking a break from being a princess! Love the chocolate on the face:)

Our first moments at the Magic Kingdom were very magical! Nora really thought she was a princess! Of course she always thinks she is a princess. After we were finished they gave her a whole bag filled with makeup and stickers and goodies! She carried it around for days. I think this was her favorite part!

Part 2 coming soon!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Awesome Hunni Shoes!

Yes, everyone should have a pair of shoes that matches their blog! Check out my new shoes I got from C28 this weekend! I guess you cold say they are a early Christmas present for me. I think I may never take them off! I love them!

This is the scripture Proverbs 16:24

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy 5th!

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! 5 years, where has the time gone? I am so lucky to be married to my bestest friend in the whole world! The traditional anniversary gift for 5 years is "wood" so Jason got me this really sweet Mickey and Minnie made of wood. It is so perfect because it matches our wedding cake topper and we are going to Disney just like our honeymoon. Well, it's time for some cheese fondue and one of our favorite movies You Got Mail!

Mickey and Minnie on the left: new
Mickey and Minnie on the right: wedding cake topper

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

6 more days!!!

Yes only 6 more days until we are in Disney! We are going crazy over here right now!!! It is just unbelievable that we are actually going! I made Jason call and confirm all our reservations tonight and I have already started packing. Today I worked on a Disney activity bag for us to take along in the car and to our hotel room. It is going to be so much fun!

So, on the second day of Disney we will eat breakfast with Mary Poppins herself! Later that night we will enjoy the Disney Spectromagic Parade at the Magic Kingdom! It's a whole parade done up in lights! Perfect for Christmas!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, December 10, 2007

Finally...Thanksgiving Part 2

Once again I am really behind on my blogging:( These pictures are from the Hunnicutt Thanksgiving. And they are actually out of order and I am to lazy to put them in order. I am just thankful that they are actually up!

The first set of pictures are from the Center for Puppetry Arts. We went there the Sat. after Thanksgiving to see Winnie The Pooh. It was so cute! Jason's family actually knew one of the puppeteers in the show so that was pretty neat!
After the show we got to make Pooh Bear puppets. Lydia is doing a show.

Cousin Staci showing me what to do!

Nora putting on her show!

Nora's show from the front!

Mommy and Nora making a Pooh!

Amanda and Lydia making a Pooh!

Scary puppet faces at the museum.

Everyone in front of the BIG tree at Atlantic Station.

So here is some of the gang hanging out for Thanksgiving. Darrell's sister Paula was visiting from California with her daughter Staci and her granddaughter Shelby.

Aunt Paula is the best at playing play dough!

Shelby and Nora putting feathers on the turkey cupcakes. Nora loved having Shelby and Staci around. She would call them her sisters. She would say, "my sisters going to be there"? She still talks about her sister today:)

What a fun time we had with part of the California family!!! We had a really nice and full Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post 101!!!

So, yesterday was my 100th post and I didn't even notice:(
So today I will celebrate post 101 in honor of my Mema Watson. Mema Watson is my Great Grandmother who lived to be 101. My Mema (grandmother and her daughter) through a big party for her when she turned 100. Mema even wrote the President in honor of her mother that year and the President sent a certificate claiming it Omie Lee Watson Day. Pretty cool! Mema Watson was a very sweet and kind lady who loved the Lord. She always said that she had a long life because she honored her father and mother. Mema Watson liked to tell stories and sometimes her stories would make my eyes as big as saucers. She would always tell this story about some lady seeing demons and angels, all I know is that I would be hanging onto every word she said of that story because it was frightening. When we would be eating she would just burst out into song in her little old lady voice... it was so funny to us. I remember playing on the screened in porch on the front of her house and picking roses from her yard on the days that Mema went to check on her. She always had peppermint sticks to share and she told everybody that she would take a spoon full of honey everyday for her health. She was pretty healthy through the years. Another cool thing I just found out this year is Mema Watson's wedding anniversary was Dec. 14 which is the same as mine and Jason's'. How neat is that! So happy 101 post to me and Thank you Lord for such a neat Great Grandmother you put in my life! What a heritage!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Favorite Christmas Ornaments posted a tag on her blog yesterday about her favorite ornaments. So since I have been tagged I will share mine as well!

First let me say that I LOVE HALLMARK ORNAMENTS!!! They are my favorite! They have one for every occasion! When I was in high school and even after I gradated I worked at a Hallmark shop. That place was crazy during ornament season and that doesn't just mean Christmas. We would start in the summer with our ornament party and we would all dress up like one of the new ornaments that year. The store would open a couple of hours early for the ornament club people to shop for their ornaments before anyone else. These people were crazy about ornaments! They would spend hundreds of dollars in the summer on ornaments! I later became the "ornament queen" and it was my job to organize, set up the whole display and deal with any costumer who had ornament issues, and believe me there were a lot of issues. I hated that job, it was awful. One night Jason actually came to help me set up all the ornaments and organize them in the back room. We were in the store until 2am and then I had to be back at 8am to get the store ready. Nightmare! I am glad that now I can actually enjoy the ornaments instead of hating them. So, anyway here are my favorites, and yes some of them are hallmark ornaments!

Jason and I got married Dec. 14th 2002. I was still the music teacher at my preschool so all the kids brought me an ornament for our first Christmas tree together. I had about 150 ornaments given to me that year for our first tree! It was so awesome! I still hang them on my tree today! Here are my favorites from that year of "Our First Christmas".

Then is 2004 Nora came along and this is my favorite ornament from her first Christmas!

Of, course it's Pooh!

Then in 2006, Nora's 2 year old class made the most precious ornament that is on my tree.

New this year, Mikey and Minnie miniature snowmen! They are so cute!
These are all my favorites and it was so hard to choose, obviously I chose a million!
Check out to play along!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving at Mom's House

Thanksgiving day we went to my mom's house for a yummy feast. Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving day!

The table before the food!

Matt and Dylan (my brothers) snacking before we eat.

Mark with his prize possession, the turkey!

Nana, Nora and Morgan (my sister) hanging out!

Morgan, Matt, Me, Dylan and Nora!

Nana and I

Turkey Time!

Papa helping Nora with her roll.

Dylan and Matt

Nora and daddy having fun after eating!

After dinner we playing Thanksgiving Bingo and Pictionary and even won prizes! We had a great time together on Thanksgiving.