Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Favorite Christmas Ornaments

ohamanda.com posted a tag on her blog yesterday about her favorite ornaments. So since I have been tagged I will share mine as well!

First let me say that I LOVE HALLMARK ORNAMENTS!!! They are my favorite! They have one for every occasion! When I was in high school and even after I gradated I worked at a Hallmark shop. That place was crazy during ornament season and that doesn't just mean Christmas. We would start in the summer with our ornament party and we would all dress up like one of the new ornaments that year. The store would open a couple of hours early for the ornament club people to shop for their ornaments before anyone else. These people were crazy about ornaments! They would spend hundreds of dollars in the summer on ornaments! I later became the "ornament queen" and it was my job to organize, set up the whole display and deal with any costumer who had ornament issues, and believe me there were a lot of issues. I hated that job, it was awful. One night Jason actually came to help me set up all the ornaments and organize them in the back room. We were in the store until 2am and then I had to be back at 8am to get the store ready. Nightmare! I am glad that now I can actually enjoy the ornaments instead of hating them. So, anyway here are my favorites, and yes some of them are hallmark ornaments!

Jason and I got married Dec. 14th 2002. I was still the music teacher at my preschool so all the kids brought me an ornament for our first Christmas tree together. I had about 150 ornaments given to me that year for our first tree! It was so awesome! I still hang them on my tree today! Here are my favorites from that year of "Our First Christmas".

Then is 2004 Nora came along and this is my favorite ornament from her first Christmas!

Of, course it's Pooh!

Then in 2006, Nora's 2 year old class made the most precious ornament that is on my tree.

New this year, Mikey and Minnie miniature snowmen! They are so cute!
These are all my favorites and it was so hard to choose, obviously I chose a million!
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oh amanda said...

Fun, Brandy! You got the cutest First Christmas ornaments. Mine is like the ugliest one ever made! I guess that's what happens when you get married in December...you get them all! And I love the new Mickey/Minnie. I was planning on buying that one, too!

Jodi said...

Cute ornaments!!