Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Mixed Bag

Yes this is one of those "mixed bag" post where you have a ton to blog about so you put it all together in one random post!
I think we will start with "Pink Foot Hand Nora".
Nora woke up Friday morning, found an ink pad and colored her feet, legs and hands with it. She was completely fuchsia. This is a picture of her after I scrubbed her in the bath twice! Some days are better then others!
This is the train Jason made for the preschool set at our church. I am in the process of taking a position at our church in the preschool department and I will be over the live music and storytelling for 2s,3s and 4s. Each unit has a new set, so lucky for me I have Jason to help me make it look awesome!
It's face is so cute!
The artist at work! Thank you honey!!!

My brother Matt turned 22 on March 13th so we had a birthday dinner at our house for him.

A Lady Bug Shower
A girl in our community is having her first baby so we hosted a baby shower at our house last weekend. Her theme is ladybugs so Jason and I made these cute strawberry ladybugs for the shower. I just love Family Fun!!!
Another girl in our community made this precious ladybug cake!

Spring Party!
Our cousin had a spring party last week and we were invited!
Two little flower blossoms! (or lady liberty)

Yummy Cupcakes!
Hope that wasn't too random for your taste!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Day Late

Happy First Day of Spring! Ok, I am a day late but here is what we did to celebrate!

Nora has been sick all this week with a fever and a nasty cough. She is doing a lot better today! Jason and I wanted to give Nora her easter basket on the first day of spring and do some fun spring activities. (much like what ohamanda did last week). Nora is holding the puppy dog purse that she loves. Every time we went to Kroger she would beg me to let her hold it while we did our grocery shopping. She was happy that she finally got her own!

Jason brought Nora to the spring sing and egg hunt at school. She told me that she wanted to come and watch the show but she didn't want to sing. Oh, well there is always next year! She did look cute in her spring outfit and pigtails done by daddy!

Yesterday was the second day of my spring sing at school. These are the two year olds. Yes, a mom actually put hats on her twins. They did look cute!
Three year olds! They were the funniest group. One of the girls on the top is very dramatic all the time. When she sings she just yells at the top of her lungs. She knows every single word! The boys around her started yelling at her because she was yelling in their ears. She started crying and her mom had to come up on the stage to calm her down. As soon as her mom left the stage the little girl with wet eyes and a red face from crying started yelling the words of the song again like nothing had happened. CRACK ME UP! Everyone was laughing so hard.

The four year olds being very dramatic and very professional! I just love this group. They amaze me with the things they can actually learn and do. I taught them Oh, How I Love Jesus on the hand bells to preform at the spring sing. This was the first time we have ever done the hand bells. I think this was the highlight of the whole day. Parents were coming up to me just in awe at how the kids did such a great job with the bells. My boss just kept saying "they just did so wonderful on those bells, I just can't believe how wonderful they did". She had not seen them play the bells until they practiced on the stage that morning. It was a BIG surprise for everyone! These kids just picked it right up from day one of practice, it was never a hard thing for them and they LOVED it!

Nora and her friend finding eggs!

Coloring eggs at home!

You have got to love that face!

Our beautiful tulips on our table.

Hope you had a wonderful spring day yesterday!

I plan to do some catch up posting this weekend! I am very behind so hopefully I will get it done!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Miss Brandy's Music Blog

One thing you might not know about me is that I have another blog. It is my music blog for preschool. The purpose of this blog is to share with my preschool families some of the songs and movements that we are doing in class. I have gotten some really good responses this year from parents and kids alike. Most of the kids come to school and say "I saw you on my Internet." That cracks me up! Anyway, here is a link so you can check it out if you like.
CAUTION: Might be a little cheesy!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Square Peg

Click this link to see what interesting thing happened this week with Square Peg.

What's goin' on?

Corduroy came to our house for a weekend! Nora's class takes turns taking this stuffed bear to their house and then they write in Corduroy's journal to share what they did with him. When I picked Nora up a couple of weeks ago she came out with a purple backpack on her back and she was shouting "I get corduroy"! She opened the bag immediately and pulled everything out of the bag right in the middle of the hallway. She was excited! Here are some pics of what we did with Corduroy!
Nora and Corduroy in the car reading!

Nora and Corduroy at Starbucks!

Brushing our teeth!

Putting on PJ's!

Daddy, Nora and Corduroy reading before bed!

Bed Time!

Teddy Bear Tea Time!

Nora really liked playing Corduroy with daddy. Daddy had a special "British" voice for Corduroy and Nora just loved it!

Nora, Corduroy and Froggy at story time!
Nora had a fun time with Corduroy!

Nora the puppy dog!
These are some doggy ears she made at school.

My friend and I went to tea and got our nails done! This was a much needed break!

Toes are so weird looking;)

March 1st we kicked off spring by hosting a community egg hunt.
We had a lot of fun making bags to collect our eggs in as well as hunting for the eggs!
I really didn't get good pictures but oh, well!

Nora signed her name to this birthday card today all by herself. I only told her what letter came next and she wrote it herself! Can you believe it!!! She is so big!
That's what's been goin' on!