Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Square Peg Update

Click this link to see a few more pictures from Holiday House 2008!

A 4 year old Christmas party

Here are a few videos from Nora's Class Christmas Party:

Marshmallow Game

Jingle Bells

Christmas Book Exchange

This morning she asked me who the line leader was. I think someone actually misses school!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mama and Daddy's Christmas Present

This is what Nora made for us at school this year for Christmas!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Take a look at our Christmas:

Nora had her 1st solo in the kids Christmas musical at church this year. She sang "Down in a lowly manger" in "Go Tell It On The Mountain". She did an awesome job!

Baking Christmas Cookies Together!

This year's gingerbread house! Today it is missing half the candy. Wonder why?

Homemade snowmen ornaments at school. They are so cute!

A Lacing Candy Cane!

Nora's first year to see the "Nutcracker". After about the first 10 minutes she asked me "when are they going to talk"? Crack me up! She loved it, however it was a little long.

Christmas at Nana's

Nora's goodies

Christmas Eve Dinner

Present Time

Santa Dylan passing out gifts

Morgan peeking from the tree

I love this picture of my sis and bro!

Christmas Morning at Home

My aunt had given us a twin bed for Nora. So Jason thought it would be cool to put it together with the new bedding we bought her for Christmas and set it in the living room! Then we put all her other presents on and around it. What a fun idea! She was totally shocked when she came in Christmas morning! She opened all her presents on her new bed!

Did I mention we have a new cat? Her name is Lovey. We got her after we had our mouse problem several weeks ago. She is great! We love her so much! She loved all of Nora's Christmas trash! She played with plastic twist ties for hours!

Barbie Skates!

Christmas at Grammy and Papa's

Christmas lunch

More gifts!

Nora and Dylan playing with silly string!

Christmas at Grandmama and Papa's

Decorating Christmas mugs

Girls eating at the kids table.

Waiting to open more gifts

Cheerleading fun from Aunt Lori

Playing Ker Plunk!


My poor Mema had the flu this Christmas so she has postponed our South GA Christmas. Look for those pics in January!