Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day Of Love

Nora getting her first valentine in the morning. She had dressed herself this morning. Daddy printed out a huge princess poster for her.

Nora and I headed to school after enjoying her first valentines of the day. When we got to school I found something odd on the doors.

This is what I found on the door... "I Love Miss Brandy" for about 30 seconds I didn't understand why this was on the door and what did it say? Then I understood, that my husband had left the house early that morning to post theses signs on all 6 doors of the preschool. There was a special note for me on one of those doors. I was so embarrassed, not in a bad way but just felt like everyone was looking at me because they were. That Jason, he is too much!

Nora made her own valentine's this year. They turned out really cute! She even wrote the letter "N" on all of them! Who is this Big girl?
Nora's cute valentine shoes! I wished so bad that I had a pair just like them.

Very cute snack that I made for her class on Valentine's day! A special thanks to Family Fun.

Nora in her class making a valentine bag at her party.

Valentine's night we had a party just the 3 of us! We had Moroccan stew my favorite and chocolate fondue. We also made strawberry banana smoothies. Yummy!

It was a day full of LOVE!

Paula is Back!

The cat is out of the bag once again! Paula has a new song and music video and it aired for the first time tonight on American Idol. Unbelievable! I don't know what to say...but it still has the same Paula, Madonna, Janet sound that was all the craze in the 90's. I must admit that my first concert was a Paula Abdul concert-did I just admit to that-YIKES! I saw the tour with the cartoon cat, totally cool. Well I guess it's 2 steps foward for Paula now!

So who did I vote for?
David Archuleta

He is just so cute and what an awesome singing voice! I could totally adopt him (if you didn't watch it you will not get it) but then again he is 17.

Poor Colton being voted off this week:( I don't think he deserved to go this soon.

Hi, my name is Brandy and I am an American Idol junkie.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nora's First Haircut

Nora got her very first haircut in Disney this past Christmas. The Magic Kingdom has a very small barber shop on Main Street. It is very cute because it is that old fashion barber shop look. You would think, who get's a haircut in Disney? Well, everyday there was a line down the street just to get into the place. But on this day we got there when they opened so we were one of the first ones in line.

When Nora sat down she was very calm, we had been talking about this haircut for months, so she was ready! The lady cutting her hair handed her a spinning, light up Mickey head. Nora fixed herself on the spinning Mickey and the cutting began!

Nora's hair was extremely long and it was beginning to look a little on the stringy side. The people in line behind us where amazed that this was her first haircut and she was 3. They were getting their 1 year old's haircut, and she hardly had any hair. Everyone's different.

When the haircut was done, they palced some Mickey ears on her head that say "My First Haircut." Then they gave her a certificate and stickers as well as a lock of her baby hair for us. She looked like such a big girl now with her new haircut.

The big thing that all the kids were getting in their hair was confetti, so the lady talked us into it. It was cute and fun, and by the end of the day most of it was gone so it wasn't to big of a mess.

I think Nora was ecxited about her big girl haircut!

I was so proud of how big she was!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I feel like I am so behind on my blog once again! I have so many Disney pictures that I have been breaking them up into smaller portions and now I am behind on everything else! Here is a brief recap of what has been going on in the New Year for us.


Square Peg took a group of middle school kids downtown to the capitol for this years

Together for Life.

We took Marta because it's Smarta!
Don't you love Nora's face!

Lydia wanted to take my picture too.

3 middle school boys...

and 1 middle school girl!

Nora was having some problems with her snow bunny hat:)

It was cold and rainy:( Cute hat Lydia:)

One of the speaker said something about all the babies who had lost their lives. Nora heard it and said, "I not lose my live mama."

Yes that is Mike Huckabee!
Huckabee was one of the speakers for this years TFL and he was awesome! I was very impressed with what he had to say about ProLife. Hey, you know, I think I like Mike!

Even though it was yucky outside, the people were still true to the cause! It was so encouraging to hear the words that were spoken and to see all the faces of the people who are fighting for life. If you are intresed in more info check out .

After our silent march around ATL. we took our kids to Johnny Rockets. Nora got herself a stawberry/banana shake. Yummy!


RUMC puts together a huge missions festival each year. They call it the GIC. They invite missionaries from all over the world to be a part of this BIG weekend. Square Peg was invited to be missionaries at the GIC this year. Here is our Square Peg booth. Looks good!

This is a picture of the signs that they hung up in the hallways of the building. This was our room, we are a local Atlanta mission that works with internationals. There were 3 other Atl. based missions in our room as well.

This is the view of our room from the door. Church member were invited to bring their friends and visit all around the world in one day to see what God is doing for His people. Everyone who attended was given a passport that directed them to the different rooms and ministires. Then we would tell them about our ministry, give them brochures and things, and stamp their passports. There was also food from different countries all over the building for people to taste. They called this day "The Taste of Missions." It was a very fun day!

Square Peg Plinko! Yep, we had a plinko game at our booth and you could win prizes!

Good old Bob was there to help us out! He was a big hit!

This is a little girl who had just escaped with her mom and dad from their country like 2 weeks prior. Isn't she adorable! One of the ministries in our room with us focuses on refugees in America. They work at hooking refugees up with Christian Americans who can help them find jobs, apartments, go grocery shopping and lots more. This little girl and her family are recieving help from them. For better info about this ministry click World Relief.

This GIC weekend was incrediable! God is doing so many big things all around this world to reach His people. Through this weeked God is also calling Square Peg to train children's leaders in Kenya! Connections were BIG this weeked and it really shows you how we truly need everyone everywhere working for the Kingdom.


We went bowling to celebrate Jason's aunt's birthday.

Nora's first time to wear bowling shoes!

Here is a serious bowler!

Daddy helping Nora bowl.

Grandmama helping Nora bowl.

Nora loved bowling!


She is learning to trace her name.

Learning to trace rectangles.

Learning to cut, glue and put things in order.

More things going on...

My mom had a birthday this past week. We celebrated at the Olive Garden! But Jason and Nora had to stay home because...

Nora has been sick this whole week with fever, cough and stuffy nose. I avoided taking her to the doctor becuase she seemed to be getting a little better each day, but last night her cough got worse and her fever was 101 this morning. So, to the doctor we will go in the Monday morning!

Jason hit a deer Friday morning on his way to work:( He was so sick about it! He took his car to a shop and they looked at the engine. They said they didn't see anything wrong with the inside just the body would need work. Today Jason and his dad went to a junk yard to see if they could get a new hood and light for the car. Thank the Lord, Jason is ok and that the car is still in good working order. To see how Jason feels about this check out his blog.

I guess that is the run down for now!