Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post 101!!!

So, yesterday was my 100th post and I didn't even notice:(
So today I will celebrate post 101 in honor of my Mema Watson. Mema Watson is my Great Grandmother who lived to be 101. My Mema (grandmother and her daughter) through a big party for her when she turned 100. Mema even wrote the President in honor of her mother that year and the President sent a certificate claiming it Omie Lee Watson Day. Pretty cool! Mema Watson was a very sweet and kind lady who loved the Lord. She always said that she had a long life because she honored her father and mother. Mema Watson liked to tell stories and sometimes her stories would make my eyes as big as saucers. She would always tell this story about some lady seeing demons and angels, all I know is that I would be hanging onto every word she said of that story because it was frightening. When we would be eating she would just burst out into song in her little old lady voice... it was so funny to us. I remember playing on the screened in porch on the front of her house and picking roses from her yard on the days that Mema went to check on her. She always had peppermint sticks to share and she told everybody that she would take a spoon full of honey everyday for her health. She was pretty healthy through the years. Another cool thing I just found out this year is Mema Watson's wedding anniversary was Dec. 14 which is the same as mine and Jason's'. How neat is that! So happy 101 post to me and Thank you Lord for such a neat Great Grandmother you put in my life! What a heritage!


oh amanda said...

Brandy, what a sweet post! It's perfect to celebrate your Mema and your 101st post! I love it!

Staci said...

Awww...that's sweet! I can just picture a little old lady bursting out in song!! That'll be me in 70 years!

Katie said...

I loved reading this post...I have similar memories of my Great Grandmother, and I miss her much. She even had peppermint sticks to share as well - they were always the soft kind. I guess that's a great grandmother thing:)

Hope you and Jason and Nora are doing well and enjoying the holidays.