Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Breakfast with Mary Poppins

We had a Jolly Hoilday with Mary as we ate breakfast with her in Disney!
Mary Poppins asked "Ariel" (Nora) where her Prince Eric was. Nora pointed to her daddy and said "he's right there." Mary Poppins thought her response was so sweet that she just had to give Nora a big hug.

Ariel with her Prince Eric!

Our breakfast with Mary Poppins was Practically Perfect In Every Way!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Square Peg

Check out the Square Peg blog for some pictures from this month!
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How we celebrated MLK day!

We celebrated with a TENT! Yes a Tent! I built a tent in Nora's room today so she could play in it as well as take a nap in it. She really enjoyed her tent today!

She has a smaller tent inside her big tent.

After her nap, daddy was home to see her tent!

Right now, daddy and Nora are down in the basement together. They are recording! He is playing guitar and she is singing in a microphone! The sounds of those two are very funny:)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

"We gonna play in a snow guys?"

Yes we can and yes we did! Here we are!

Tasting the snow

Pretty snow

We found a birds nest in the snow

Tasting more snow
Got Snow?

Sledding in the snow

Miss Frosty

Tasting even more snow

Little snowball

Big snowball

Nora's snow angel

Broken Miss Frosty:(
Well, we had a lot of fun in the snow today! What a fun little blessing that God sent our way this weekend!

More Snow? YES!!!

It's snowing at our house again!!! Here is a peek of what it looks like at our house!
Just breath taking!

There will be more snow pics with Nora!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hooray! It is snowing! I am so ecxited! As soon as Jason got home we woke up Nora so she could see her first snow! This is so FUN!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cool Christmas Present!

My sil got me these for Christmas and they are so awesome! They are mini moo cards! Don't you love them! I got 100 of them printed! These are the differnt photos of Nora that I choose to be printed. Check out mini moo cards and you will love them too!

Don't worry, you will be getting one of these mini moos in our Hunnicutt newsletter that is coming your way soon! I just had to wait for these to be printed first!!!

Eating with the Royalty!

These are the pictures of us eating in Norway at Epcot.
When we first arrived they brought us into the castle for Nora to have a photo shoot with Belle.
Then we ate Yummy food! I ordered Salmon on Potato Cakes! Jason ordered some sort of pork thing on mashed potatoes.
Nora ordered the Mickey Pasta!
As we ate more Princess' came to our table to have their picture made with Nora.



Sleeping Beauty asked Nora if she had been in her closet.

The Little Mermaid with legs!

Nora was a Royal Beauty that night!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Disney Part 2: Nora with the Stars

This one is for the other "Daisy"!

I love Pooh!

Don't you just love Alice and the Mad hatter!

More to come!