Friday, June 22, 2007

Nora and Lydia

Thursday, June 21, 2007

You Go Girl!

These are pictures of my sister Morgan's graduation!

This is my brother Dylan, Mom, Mark, Nana, Nora, Aunt Beth, and Mema.

Me and my sis the graduate. Dylan is wearing her cap in the background.

My mom, Nana and Morgan

Oh, and Jason's forehead.

Cute pictures of Nora and Aunt Morgan.
They are so beautiful!
Notice the fruit sculpture. Jason and I made it!!!

Nora, Morgan and Mema.

Morgan and Daddy.

Mom and Morgan.

You Go Girl!!!

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival in May for my sister-in-laws birthday.

Here are some pictures.

Nora, Lydia and Grandmama throwing rocks.

I love these pictures of Nora and Jason playing the drums. Nora loves to play music with her daddy and Jason is an awesome on the drums.

Lydia was getting her groove on to the drums. Lydia loves music also!

Nora and Lydia are watching the harp player.
They were both so interested in this lady.

The birthday girl with the king and queen.

Playing on the playground!

Nora playing pick up ducks.

Nora and cousin David.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair.

Nora playing a game.

Aunt Amanda, baby Lydia, and Nora with the fairy princess.

Nora's beautiful face painting.

We had a good afternoon at the Renaissance Festival. However, there are some extremely strange people that hangout there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

More Buzz about Vacation

More pictures from our Vacation in Missouri. These were taken with a different camera, so the color is kinda funny.

Amanda (Jason's sister), Darrell (Jason's Dad) and Cousin Issac hanging out in the hotel lobby.

Nora and Issac on the dock at the lake where Caleb and Maegan were married.

Nora has a BIG crush on Issac and he is so very sweet to her.

Nora and Papa praying at the Rehearsal dinner.

Sweetest picture:)

Mommy and Nora at the Rehearsal dinner.

Nora is drinking sparkling grape juice. She said "It tickles my nose!"

Nora and Papa.

another model picture

Maegan and Caleb/Bride and Groom

St. Louis, Arch

Nora and the Arch

Nora inside the arch in the museum part.

She is dressing up like the prairie days.

Stick'm up Pocahontas

This is us getting into the dyer to ride to the top of the arch.
I actually have a better picture of us inside but it was to dark:(
Les is the only one who looks good!
Plus I don't know how to flip it. Sorry!

Pictures of the St. Louis outside the window at the top of the arch.
1st picture: bridge over the Mississippi River
2nd picture: the ball feild and buildings
Nora was actually afraid of looking out the window for the 1st 5 minutes.

630 Feet high, WOW!

Us at the top of the arch.
Can you find the person who doesn't belong?
I think he is standing in for Jason.

St. Louis Eads bridge.
Jason's other cousin David, his last name is Eads and David's dad is from St. Louis.
There has got to be a family connection.

So this was Missouri. We had a really fun time!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's Hands

Nora and Jason holding hands in Columbia, Missouri.
How precious, how sweet, how perfect, how complete.
Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Buzz about Vacation!

So we loaded up in a 12 passenger van with the Hunnicutt family and headed down the road to Columbia, Missouri. Jason's cousin from California was getting married to a girl who lived in Missouri. This is the reason for vacation in Missouri.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our trip.

Crazy pictures to start with I know but when we stopped for lunch the first day of the trip

we already needed a stretch break from the van!

Our first destination, Kentucky. We stayed at one of the Kentucky State Park Resorts.

We are taking our 1st walk to the lake.

Lydia, you are so cute!!!

Kentucky Lake, it is so pretty.

Yes, you are correct. Nora got into the lake in her dress. She swam all over the lake in just her dress. Her pull up came off. It wasn't dark yet but I know we saw a full moon!

You would think that we have never seen a rock before. This lake was so cool because instead of dirt, mud, or sand for the bottom and the bank it was all rocks. They were the most interesting rocks I have ever seen. We were all picking up a small collection to bring home.

These girls are just so very cute!

Grandmama taking the girls for a nature hike in the morning.

Nora making a cute face outside our 3 room cabin.

Nora and mommy playing the balancing game.

I wish Jason would not have taken this picture of us in the van. Yuck!

This is the Best Friends Picture. When we finally got to the hotel in Missouri the girls were so happy:) They were running all over the hotel room and playing. Nora runs up to me as I am unpacking and says, "Mommy I love my best friend." I said who is your best friend? She said, "Lydia is my best friend." That is the cutest!

The 1st night together with the California family. It is always such a blast to see them. They are Darrell's sister and their own husbands and kids. They were all so happy to see all of us. When we got to the hotel there was about 40 of them standing outside and they gave us a total grand entrance.

We visited the bride's family at their home. They had a mini fish pond and the girls loved it. Look at how they are wearing matching shirt by total accident.

This picture is just cool looking. This is Jason's cousins Staci and Michelle and Alifornia. Don't the girls just look so pretty. The whole time Al wanted to hold Lydia and Lydia did not like Al. But then this other baby from the bride's side of the family loved Al.

Nora and cousin Emily playing checkers.

Emily was also Nora's best friend!

The young and aspiring model Nora Hunnicutt showing off her summer wedding attire.

Here we are at the wedding. They had the wedding outside by the lake. It was hot! But the wedding was very pretty and sweet. I totally cried.

Well, this is only half of the pictures. I still have more picture on another camera. I have got to find that camera first. So, I will probably add some more later. Hope you enjoyed!