Monday, December 31, 2007

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

I know you think that I have completely forgotten about my blog...but never fear Disney pics are here! So our first morning the 3 of us literately raced through Main Street in the Magic Kingdom to make our 8:40 appointment at Cinderella's Castle. When we arrived inside the magical place the fairy godmothers just looked at us and said "have you been running." Yes we had been running and we couldn't believe we had actually made it! Here are the pictures for this magical adventure!This is Cinderella's castle where the transformation will take place!

Here is Nora's fairy godmother.

This is the inside of the place, magical for sure!

Nora is very serious at this point! She can feel that fairy magic coming on her!

She must reapply her lipstick while her hair is being done.

This is her magic shield from the magical hair spray.

A princess gets her crown!

Now for her nails!

Almost done, but first we must get our royal sash to finish it off!

The finished product! She is totally in her make believe land right now!

The back of her hair.

The royal crown and Mickey pins.

A princess and her castle!

Taking a break from being a princess! Love the chocolate on the face:)

Our first moments at the Magic Kingdom were very magical! Nora really thought she was a princess! Of course she always thinks she is a princess. After we were finished they gave her a whole bag filled with makeup and stickers and goodies! She carried it around for days. I think this was her favorite part!

Part 2 coming soon!


oh amanda said...

Oh Brandy! That is the BEST thing ever! I can't wait to see ALL the pictures!

Staci said...

Yay! I've waiting to see Disney pictures. I mean, if that Boutique wasn't MADE for Nora...I don't know what is!!

Kat said...

How cute it she! That's a princess if I ever saw one!