Thursday, April 9, 2009

An American Girl Spring Break

I totally feel like I have abandoned my blog! I feel overwhelmed when I think about all the things I haven't posted! I need to work on it!

Anyway, here is what Nora and I did today for spring break! We took my American Doll (Molly) to the Bistro and Boutique at North Point. We had a 9 AM brunch reservation. They sat Molly in her own chair and Nora thought that was the coolest! She has really been interested in Molly the past couple of months so I thought it would be fun for her to check it all out this week!

These are the "Warm Welcome" muffins they brought us when we arrived!

Nora made Molly a crown out of her napkin ring.

Yummy chocolate muffin!

Yummy french toast with cinnamon apples! I have a ton of it left over:)
As we were eating the song "CiCi My Playmate" came on and that was a song that my Mema would sing to me all the time! It's not one that you hear all the time. We had to take a moment and think about Mema. Mema and Pop are the ones who gave Molly to me. Mema would have loved to be there with us!

Molly is pretty old, probably like 19 years! That makes me feel old:( Ok, so her hair is really different because she is from the first generation of dolls. Her skin is pretty dirty, it just looks a little darker than most. We decided to get Molly's hair done because it was in bad shape. The lady that was helping us said "since your doll is a little older do you want the pampering package." Wow, poor Molly.

Her hair looks so cute! It was fun to see our doll getting her hair done like new!

Wow, Molly is like a brand new doll! New hair, skin and outfit!

After we finished up in the American Girl store Nora and Molly took a ride on a horse!

It was a lot of fun! Totally girly and I could have bought everything in the store! Especially all the fun books they have! I am glad that Molly has a buddy again! It's also just fun to relive the fun and exitment of Molly through Nora! It's fun to share this with her. It's hard to believe that those days are here.