Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Camping

This summer we are attempting to take two short camping vacations as a family. Here are some pictures from the first one. In May we camped at Stone Mountain Park.

Nora making OJ!

Nora eating in the tent because it started to rain!

Hot dog roasting!

Nora loved the rocks at the camp site!

Banana Boats- Yum, Yum!

Stone Mountain Sky Hike's kids low ropes playground!
This new attraction is a lot of fun! Nora did the low ropes like 10 times. She loved it! Then the 3 of us did the 1st level of the high ropes! Wow, it was freighting to have Nora up there with us but we made it and loved it!

On top of the mountain for lunch and pictures!

More of Nora's rock collection!

In the tent while it rained and rained.

Wanda the tight rope walker at the backyard circus!

Antebellum Plantation

Playing at the mill

We had a lot of fun together! We can't wait for the next trip! Stay tuned for more camping fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Golden Birthday!

May 5, 2009 Nora turned 5 years old! Wow! So, we did it up Hollywood style!

We set up 3 stations for the girls to enjoy while they entered the party.
1. Hollywood Stars: here the girls wrote their name on a golden star and then they put their hand print in the middle.

2. Hollywood Boutique: this was a little accessory store. Girls could come here and pick out a boa, necklace, lip gloss, hair clips, tattoos and star glasses! All the girls had big eyes and big smiles when they saw all this stuff.

3. Hollywood Salon: this is where the girls got their nails done with paint and stickers. They also got to put on some fabulous body glitter!

Nora putting her hand print on a star!

Cousin Lydia getting the royal treatment with some body glitter!

Next, we had all the girls one by one walk the read carpet for a photo shoot! Each girl got their picture taken on the carpet! The girls were so cute and very serious! We found Nora's dress at a thirft store for $2! Perfect!!!!

This 5 year old just told me yesterday that she wants to be a "super model" when she grows up. Oh, how I pray that she forgets about that one!

Cousins on the red carpet!

After our runway the girls where all cast a part in the old story of Chicken Licken or what you might know as Chicken Little.

Each girl was given a different character in the story. As my husband read the story each girl came up to the front when it was time for their part. All the adults where laughing! The girls were too funny! they didn't have to do much but just stand there and point to the sky when the story said "the sky is falling".

And our grandmama played the part of Foxy Loxy.

Time to blow out the candles!

Present time! Looks like she's having fun!

The party was so much fun! All the girls got to be in the spot light and certianly enjoyed that! This was one of my favorite parties and I think it was for Nora too!