Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Week

Here is Nora's school work from the 1st week! She did some cute stuff! Her class read the book "The Kissing Hand" and everyday they did something with "Chester" the raccoon. Her teacher also posted the story from youtube to her blog. I think it's one of my favorite stories now!

One day last week when I picked Nora up from school she said "I'm so proud of myself because I walked all the way to my classroom all by myself!" BIG STUFF!

Everyday she is doing or saying something new and big! It's blowing my mind! She is changing daily in front of my eyes!

She had a great 1st week! Only one sad face last week! Hopefully we put a stop to that becoming a habit. Can't wait to see her work from this week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kindergarten Blues

Baby girl you had such a good day yesterday! You loved your 1st day of kindergarten.

You were so happy about the kissing hand puzzle that you made!

You were so tired yesterday. You wanted to put on your pj's at 5:30. You slept so hard that you never even moved in your bed last night. You were still in the same spot when I came in this morning.

But on day 2 you had the Kindergarten Blues.

My mom came in early this morning...
to get me out of the bed.
She wanted me to get my clothes on ...
but i felt like i was dead.

Then it was time eat breakfast...
but i could hardly eat.
Then my dad said your wearing socks kid...
And I could hardly speak.

And it's so hard...
it's so hard going to kindergarten!

I got blues
kinder-garten blues
kinder-garten blues!

I know your having a better morning now that you are with your friends in your class!
I love you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten in Videos

Nora waking up for school way too early!

Eating breakfast...

I could tell you about her fun day but I think she does a much better job...

Well, at least she is ready to go back tomorrow! This seemed like a forever long day! I am proud of Nora! She was a big girl who had lots of courage for her 1st day!

Going to Kindergarten

Here she is! A brand new kindergartner! She is ready for the 1st day!

But before I show you more pics from this morning we better back up a little...

Friday was meet and greet at Nora's new school!

Nora is pouting because she wants to ride the bus the 1st day. That is so like Nora.

Coloring her 1st picture in kindergarten!
Her classroom is so cute! Only 16 kids in her class! And her teacher's room theme is Bees!

Later that day Nora and I made a "Back To School" cake!


Ok...back to this morning...the 1st day of school...

Nora and her backpack outside

Nora talking to Grammy this morning! Grammy calling to wish her a fun day!

Kindergarten Nora and Daddy

Kindergarten Nora and Mama

Riding to school in the car not the bus yet!

Walking in with daddy

When we walked into the school the smell about knocked me down! It immediately brought tears into my eyes. How does school smell the same way from when I went to elementary? Crazy! It was so familiar. It was really such a nice feeling dropping her off this morning. There was so much life with in the halls. Lots of staff out ready to assist you in the halls. Lots of smiling faces throughout the halls. I am excited about her school because it feels like home not an institution. It was nice to see teachers stopping to talk to families that have multiple kids and who have obviously been at the school for a while. I just felt good about it.

Nora inside her classroom. Her teacher is giving her instructions about her backpack and lunch. Nora was excited! She is totally ready! After she put her stuff up she ran to the door and said "my teacher said to come and give you a kiss." It was so cute! We kissed her and said goodbye. Jason and I drove back home and then he left for work. I came in turned on the tv and "Mickey Mouse Club House" was on. I had to turn it quick before I started to cry. I turned to Fox News!

I am sure she is having fun! I can't wait to hear and see what she did today! It's hard to believe that Nora is one of those big kids in the kindergarten hall! Hold on here we go...

I will post some video later today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun Videos

Here are some fun videos we took this summer...

Videos from Camp Rocks!

Stone Mountain Park: Wanda The Tight Rope Walker

Nora's Walking Stick



Hope you enjoyed!