Monday, December 10, 2007

Finally...Thanksgiving Part 2

Once again I am really behind on my blogging:( These pictures are from the Hunnicutt Thanksgiving. And they are actually out of order and I am to lazy to put them in order. I am just thankful that they are actually up!

The first set of pictures are from the Center for Puppetry Arts. We went there the Sat. after Thanksgiving to see Winnie The Pooh. It was so cute! Jason's family actually knew one of the puppeteers in the show so that was pretty neat!
After the show we got to make Pooh Bear puppets. Lydia is doing a show.

Cousin Staci showing me what to do!

Nora putting on her show!

Nora's show from the front!

Mommy and Nora making a Pooh!

Amanda and Lydia making a Pooh!

Scary puppet faces at the museum.

Everyone in front of the BIG tree at Atlantic Station.

So here is some of the gang hanging out for Thanksgiving. Darrell's sister Paula was visiting from California with her daughter Staci and her granddaughter Shelby.

Aunt Paula is the best at playing play dough!

Shelby and Nora putting feathers on the turkey cupcakes. Nora loved having Shelby and Staci around. She would call them her sisters. She would say, "my sisters going to be there"? She still talks about her sister today:)

What a fun time we had with part of the California family!!! We had a really nice and full Thanksgiving!


oh amanda said...

You got some good pics, Brandy. I still haven't posted mine. UGH.

Staci said...

Awww...what fun!