Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Day Of Love

Nora getting her first valentine in the morning. She had dressed herself this morning. Daddy printed out a huge princess poster for her.

Nora and I headed to school after enjoying her first valentines of the day. When we got to school I found something odd on the doors.

This is what I found on the door... "I Love Miss Brandy" for about 30 seconds I didn't understand why this was on the door and what did it say? Then I understood, that my husband had left the house early that morning to post theses signs on all 6 doors of the preschool. There was a special note for me on one of those doors. I was so embarrassed, not in a bad way but just felt like everyone was looking at me because they were. That Jason, he is too much!

Nora made her own valentine's this year. They turned out really cute! She even wrote the letter "N" on all of them! Who is this Big girl?
Nora's cute valentine shoes! I wished so bad that I had a pair just like them.

Very cute snack that I made for her class on Valentine's day! A special thanks to Family Fun.

Nora in her class making a valentine bag at her party.

Valentine's night we had a party just the 3 of us! We had Moroccan stew my favorite and chocolate fondue. We also made strawberry banana smoothies. Yummy!

It was a day full of LOVE!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like it was so fun! I bought Bean those exact same shoes from Target - why don't they make them in our size??

Staci said...

You are SO right about Nora being a big girl! She is just an absolute doll! And what a fun valentines day all around :)

Kat said...

What a fun day!