Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nora's First Haircut

Nora got her very first haircut in Disney this past Christmas. The Magic Kingdom has a very small barber shop on Main Street. It is very cute because it is that old fashion barber shop look. You would think, who get's a haircut in Disney? Well, everyday there was a line down the street just to get into the place. But on this day we got there when they opened so we were one of the first ones in line.

When Nora sat down she was very calm, we had been talking about this haircut for months, so she was ready! The lady cutting her hair handed her a spinning, light up Mickey head. Nora fixed herself on the spinning Mickey and the cutting began!

Nora's hair was extremely long and it was beginning to look a little on the stringy side. The people in line behind us where amazed that this was her first haircut and she was 3. They were getting their 1 year old's haircut, and she hardly had any hair. Everyone's different.

When the haircut was done, they palced some Mickey ears on her head that say "My First Haircut." Then they gave her a certificate and stickers as well as a lock of her baby hair for us. She looked like such a big girl now with her new haircut.

The big thing that all the kids were getting in their hair was confetti, so the lady talked us into it. It was cute and fun, and by the end of the day most of it was gone so it wasn't to big of a mess.

I think Nora was ecxited about her big girl haircut!

I was so proud of how big she was!


Kat said...

I can't believe that was her first haircut! What a cool memory to have. :)

Staci said...

How many can say they're first haircut was at Disney?! That's so fun!!

Rebecca said...

What a cutie!! And what a fun place to have a first haircut! (We haven't cut Helena's except for her bangs.)

mandi said...

Ok I have to say that I'm amazed too ... really her first haircut?!?! How fun - much better than those silly cut & play places here:)