Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy/Honey

Today is my husband's birthday! Nora was so excited about her daddy's birthday as well as I. Every time I asked her what she wanted to get her daddy for his birthday she would tell me "Captain Hook,daddy likes Captain Hook. I don't like Captain Hook but daddy likes Captain Hook." We searched for something Captain Hook but we were not very successful. So instead she got him something black, she says "daddy likes black." She picked out 2 black cast iron tea cups from Teavana. They are very cool. She knew her daddy was going to love them! This morning she was dragging his presents down the hall. She just couldn't wait for him to open them. Then she made him a pretend birthday cake out of candy corn and she made us sing happy birthday together. We all had to eat some of the candy corn and I love candy corn but not at 7AM. I was so excited for Jason to open his presents because I had gotten him tickets to see STOMP at the fox this week!!! He is super excited and we also get to go to Cafe Intermezzo. After we opened presents we got ready and headed off to church. Jason and I taught Nora's three year old class together. As we walked down the hall Nora told everyone, "My daddy is going to be my teacher." The three of us had such a fun morning at church together. And of coarse the other kids in our group are totally cute! They loved Mr.Jason! The boys were practically sitting on top of him. Then after church we meet Jason's family and friends for a birthday lunch. It was yummy Japaneses food and fun company. Of course Jason got some more awesome gifts! Then we came home and had a great German chocolate cake!(Publix) Now he is taking a nap. I hope today has been a great one for him. Nora and I love him so very much and we are so thankful that he is part of our life! God has blessed us by giving him to us and we pray that this next year would be a blessing for him. Check out OHAMANDA for more about Jason's birthday!

Yes, these are some pictures of Nora going to ballet yesterday. Don't worry, I have got more pictures and video coming soon!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, J! What a fun present you got him. I'm jealous!

And I cannot wait to see more Nora dance pix!

Staci said... sweet! Stomp is right up Jason's alley. How cool!

Kat said...

And the birthday boy is also my hero today! Thanks Jason, for breaking into my house for me! And thanks Brandy, for calling everyone we know in the middle of the night! You guys are the BEST!