Monday, September 17, 2007

The profile of a ballerina

Saturday was the day we had all been waiting for at our house! Nora's first dance class the 3 year old ballet class. We took Nora early last week to pick out her leotard and tights. Below is what she picked out. She looked so big when we put it on. As you can imagine it was very funny to see all the other 3 year old girls dressed in their ballet attire. There was about 6 girls in Nora's class and 4 of them were little blond girls. Nora went straight in to her class all by herself as usual. Parents could stand outside and watch through the windows. I think this was one of the funniest things I have ever watched. Jason and I were laughing a lot! The girls were so serious. The class had a big mirror and all the girls would dance for themselves in front of the mirror. As we watched we could tell that each girl thought that they were the best ballerina. The girls danced with bean bags, hula hoops, rhythm sticks, fun noodles and they even did the ballet bar. I think Nora had a big girl time! As we left the class Jason and I both commented on how we had moved up that day. We are now in the little girl stage of Nora, no longer the baby stuff and it hit us pretty hard on Saturday. It is so fun but at the same time so sad. How has she grown up so fast? Do I even really remember her as a baby? Why does it go so fast? Some how I have got to slow it down! Here are some pictures and video. (there is a lot of random noise on the videos, sorry)


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That's why yall need another baby--a pirate! quick!!

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I love in that 2nd video, she thinks she is alone in that room! She's just doing her own ballet moves! SO CUTE!