Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Elizer lives in Burkina Faso. Burkina is in east Africa. I had the privilege of meeting Elizer when I visited Burkina almost 2 years ago. He is such a sweet boy and was so polite when we met him. He had been waiting for our arrival and he greeted us with a big smile. As we walked the path to Dorthy's house(the missionary we were staying with) he followed us. I noticed that he was limping a lot as he followed us. After he had left Dorothy told us that he was 8 years old and out of nowhere developed a limp. She also said that the limp seemed to get worse and worse and had been causing him a great deal of pain. He didn't sleep most night because the pain was so great and he couldn't do anything that the boys and girls his age could do because of this limp. Later that day we met his father Joseph. Joseph is a school teacher and he was also attending the bible college that Dorthy runs in Leo, Burkina Faso. Joseph was such a kind man, and I could see where his son had got his charm from. Joseph told us that he had to take Elizer to get shot for the pain every month and it cost him about $20 a shot. Now that is only in US $ but in Burkina it is a lot more. I truly can't remember how much it was for them but something outrageous! This was something that they could not afford. Joseph wife and Elizer's mother had just passed away from Typhoid fever, so they were also dealing with the her loss. My heart just broke for this family. Joseph also said that they didn't know what was wrong with Elizer's leg because they couldn't afford to take him to a doctor in the city. That is where he needed to go so they could look at his let better. As I heard this story I felt God moving in my heart. I felt that He was directing my heart to them and that he wanted me to figure out a way to give them what they needed to fix Elizer's problem. While I was there I gave them some money for the shots that Elizer needed but when I returned home I sat down and emailed Dorthy to see how I could help more. She told me how much they needed for the doctor visit so we started there. I knew that I was no rich person either and that there are a lot of times I can't even afford to take myself to the doctor but also knew that God had provided for me in times like that . I knew I had to do something. So I sent out support letters and begin to ask for people to send money to help get Elizer to the doctor. Well, people gave and I was able to send the money and Elizer went to the doctor. He found out that some other time when he had a shot, that the shot had went to far and hit a nerve or bone and his leg was becoming unusable. The doctor said he should not even be sitting anymore. He was almost paralyzed and should have been doing nothing but laying around. 8 years old, and almost paralyzed and didn't even know why. With the money they were able to begin the treatments. They put him in a brace, and gave him some medicine for some infection and got him a bicycle as physical therapy. Now he has to go back every month to replace the brace and get treatments. The doctor says his leg should be normal by the time he is 21 if he continues to wear the brace and get the treatments. I feel that God wants me to continue to support Joseph and Elizer this way. Elizer is almost 10 now and he is like a different kid. I have a picture on my fridge of him in his brace playing badminton with his dad. This is a big accomplishment for him. Now he can play soccer too! It is amazing what God can do through his people isn't it. It is not some great thing that I accomplished on my own, it is what God is doing through me. God wants me to speak for Elizer so that others will see his need and give to change his life. There is hope for Elizer now, he is not going to grow up a begger the rest of his life. He will be able to finish school and work for a living. And most importantly Elizer will see how God cares about him and how God loves him. I am praying that Elizer's story will touch your heart today and that you would want to join me in giving to him. If that is you then email me and I will contact you on where to send your support. Thank you. brandyhunni@gmail.com


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Wow, Brandy, what an awesome story. I love how you just let God use you and got moving on it when He told you to do something.

Thanks so much for your encouraging words on my homeschool meltdown! I hope it doesn't dissuade you from pursuing it. Your daughter is beautiful and I bet you and she would love your time together.

Amanda said...

Isn't it cool that God would bring you all the way to Africa to help one little boy? He loves Elizer so much he'd send you there! And he loves each of us that much! How much $$ does Elizer need?