Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More about Elizer

Here is the latest email I got from Dorothy in Burkina. She attached a note from Joseph, Elizer's father.

Thanks so much for what you have done! He is not the same little boy that you saw-our heart just went out to him so much but now if he’s not wearing his brace he just has a slight limp and he would not be noticed as being different at all-quite the story from when you were here. God is so Good; He has done a miracle and you have had such a great part in this miracle. Thanks and to God be the Glory! (Dorothy's words)

Here is Joseph’s note:

Greetings to you!

March 16th Elizer and I went to Ouaga to see his doctor. After taking more tests and x-rays the doctor told us that the head of the hipbone now has life in it and this is a miracle! They changed his brace because he is growing and he must wear it so that the hipbone becomes solid.

If you were here to see Elizer you would be amazed because he walks, sits and plays soccer without any difficulties even though his two feet are not the same length (there is a difference of 2 cm.).

We still need to see the doctor every three months for x-rays and tests and the money that you sent has just been used up. Each visit costs us at least CFA 40.000 or $87.15 Canadian.

Thanks so much for all that you have done for us!

Elizer’s father, Joseph

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