Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Mixed Bag

Yes this is one of those "mixed bag" post where you have a ton to blog about so you put it all together in one random post!
I think we will start with "Pink Foot Hand Nora".
Nora woke up Friday morning, found an ink pad and colored her feet, legs and hands with it. She was completely fuchsia. This is a picture of her after I scrubbed her in the bath twice! Some days are better then others!
This is the train Jason made for the preschool set at our church. I am in the process of taking a position at our church in the preschool department and I will be over the live music and storytelling for 2s,3s and 4s. Each unit has a new set, so lucky for me I have Jason to help me make it look awesome!
It's face is so cute!
The artist at work! Thank you honey!!!

My brother Matt turned 22 on March 13th so we had a birthday dinner at our house for him.

A Lady Bug Shower
A girl in our community is having her first baby so we hosted a baby shower at our house last weekend. Her theme is ladybugs so Jason and I made these cute strawberry ladybugs for the shower. I just love Family Fun!!!
Another girl in our community made this precious ladybug cake!

Spring Party!
Our cousin had a spring party last week and we were invited!
Two little flower blossoms! (or lady liberty)

Yummy Cupcakes!
Hope that wasn't too random for your taste!


mandi said...

Mixed Bags are good!! I can't (but can) believe the pink stamp pad ... oh my goodness!!!

Kat said...

Fun pictures!!!!! You are a very busy woman!

Staci said...

The pink-footed-Nora is too funny! But I love that picture of Matt and Nora :)

oh amanda said...

Fun stuff--I love a mixed bag!