Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eating with the Royalty!

These are the pictures of us eating in Norway at Epcot.
When we first arrived they brought us into the castle for Nora to have a photo shoot with Belle.
Then we ate Yummy food! I ordered Salmon on Potato Cakes! Jason ordered some sort of pork thing on mashed potatoes.
Nora ordered the Mickey Pasta!
As we ate more Princess' came to our table to have their picture made with Nora.



Sleeping Beauty asked Nora if she had been in her closet.

The Little Mermaid with legs!

Nora was a Royal Beauty that night!


oh amanda said...

I AM SO JEALOUS! How adorable!

Staci said...

The mickey pasta is adorable!! Almost as cute as Princess Nora :)

Kat said...

What cute pics! I think I might have asked to have MY picture taken with the princesses! I once saw Barbie at the Pancake House. It was not as cool- I can assure you!