Saturday, January 19, 2008

"We gonna play in a snow guys?"

Yes we can and yes we did! Here we are!

Tasting the snow

Pretty snow

We found a birds nest in the snow

Tasting more snow
Got Snow?

Sledding in the snow

Miss Frosty

Tasting even more snow

Little snowball

Big snowball

Nora's snow angel

Broken Miss Frosty:(
Well, we had a lot of fun in the snow today! What a fun little blessing that God sent our way this weekend!


Juliana said...

Looked like ya'll had lots of fun! Miss Frosty was very cute! To bad she and the snow couldn't have stayed longer!

mandi said...

I love Miss Frosty!! Wasn't it fun - two times in the same week!! I'm sure it's all frozen this morning, but it's still so pretty all on the ground:)

Staci said...

How much more fun is the snow when you've got Nora!!

Cindy said...

Brandy- Who pretty your snow pix are. I could't tell what jason was pushing at first! Nora looked so little. Also with hats and hoods on, I almost had to look twice to see who was Jason and who was Nora!

Kat said...

That looks "snow" fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!