Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pray for Square Peg

Most everyone who would read my blog is well informed about Square Peg. Most of you are involved with Square Peg. But if you are not then I will give you a very short and condensed version of Square Peg ministries.

My husband and I are partnered with my mil and another faithful friend. The four of us are following a plan that God has laid out in front of us. At Square Peg we are nurturing at risk kids to love and serve Jesus. Our ministry is weekly. We meet on Tuesday afternoons to help kids with their homework. We also meet on Friday afternoons for a bible club to our elementary kids and the evening for fellowship/bible study with middle schoolers. 95% of our kids are Hispanic and know nothing about the Lord. They also struggle with their school work because they do not understand and their parents also do not understand. The parents can't understand what their homework is because they don't speak English. Therefore they get nowhere. We feel that God has shown us that this young Hispanic generation is fitting into the American society and the Body of Christ about as well as a square peg fits into a round hole. God has given us the task to "make them fit." That is our goal. We want these at risk kids to find their place in society but most importantly in the Body of Christ. Here is our new prayer card for Square Peg. Please take some time out of your day to pray for this ministry. God bless you.


Rebecca said...

what an awesome ministry! I pray God blesses it!

Joseph said...

Hi Brandy,

This is great! I loved reading about Square Peg. My name is Joseph Parker; I am the President of KidTrek, a ministry based in California, but with a national focus to reach at-risk kids. I would love to talk with you more and learn about what you are doing. You can visit our website at to learn more about us. God bless you!

Cindy said...

thanks for posting all of this. I accidentally deleted my whole SqPeg page on my blog so I've got to start over!