Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Favorite

HOME! This week has been a crazy one! With pre-planning and open house at preschool, cleaning and organizing the apartment and kicking off the school year in our Hispanic children's ministry, and making time to keep the family going, home sure does feel nice! It is Friday night and our 1st week of Kids Club (our bible club for Hispanic elementary and middle school kids) is done! Week One: Check! It was a really good day back with our kids! They were so excited about the changes in the apartment and just being back! God was working among us and the kids! And I think all the enthusiasm that each child brought was a blessing to God's heart. I feel that I truly saw the Kingdom of God today, not through the work that I was doing, but through the delight in the children's faces to just be surround by the good things of God. I love our kids that God brings to us each and every week. I am so glad to be back in swing of regular kids club. After all the long hours that our team put in these past couple of weeks it sure is nice to have this 1st triumph behind us and I look forward to ones ahead! But I must say...There is NO Place Like Home!


Amanda said...

Sounds awesome! I talked to Mama today and she said it was just great!

Cindy said...

It was a great day, wasn't it?! Bt, home sure dows feel good!!