Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Favorite

One of my favorite places to be is in the woods. I love being surrounded by tall trees and birds singing. Today I went walking at a local park that has a walking trail right in the middle of the woods. It was so refreshing, and so inspiring to be surrounded with all the beautiful things God had made. As I walked I was remembering me as a kid and how my favorite place to go and play was in the woods by the big creek. My friends(Jamie, Amy and Carrie) and I would go there everyday if we were allowed and we would walk through the water forever. One direction of the creek would take us to a horse pasture, so we would stop to watch the horses. If we walked the other direction then we ended up at a huge swimming hole of water (none of us ever went swimming in it). We would spend hours in the woods playing house, playing boat, just exploring whatever came our way. Those are some of my favorite memories also. Today I walked without those friends but I remembered them and the fun times we had together on McCleskey drive right where the Super Walmart is now on Hwy 92. I wonder how if you can even get to that creek, or if it is still there. It is crazy how life changes. I am not that little girl playing in the creek anymore, I'm 27 (which is not old) and as I walk through the woods today not only do I think of old times but I am also filled with emotion towards God. Being surrounded by the things that God has made fills me with an emotion that I can't get anywhere else. I feel so connected, so close to the Lord when I am standing in His creation. My heart becomes so overwhelmed with love and awesomeness towards the Lord and I am thankful for times like that.


Amanda said...

I totally agree. I walk at Roswell Park (almost) every day and when we get to the trees, I just feel relaxed! God is so creative!

Kat said...

They make Him famous!

Cindy said...

See, God made Himself famous to you through his creation even when you were a little girl! He is so faithful.