Saturday, August 4, 2007

If Nora Had A Blog

If Nora had a blog she would blog about...
1. How she loves being a princess!!! (she only wants to wear dresses)
2. Her prince. (daddy)
3. Her stuffed animals.
4. She would make a video of herself singing Kum Ba Yah my Lord. (her new favorite song she sings all over the house)
5. SHOES! She already has a shoe obsession at 3 years old. Today in Target she tells me she needs new shoes. Yea,right.
6. Make up, another obsession that she already has.
7. Her new princess lunch box she got today for school.
8. All her grandparents and how they give her anything she wants!
9. How she really wishes that she had a doggy or kitty. (she asks for one all the time)
10. Mooseys or Movies.
11. That she is a Big girl not a baby.
12. How she knows best!
13. Her new performance: dancing, singing, acting.
14. How her mommy and daddy are always telling her what to do, as she rolls her eyes.
15. Miss Donald's, as she calls it.

I am sure it would be very interesting to read a 3 year old's blog.


Amanda said...

Great post! I would loooove to read Nora's blog!

Staci said...

I would read Nora's blog everyday! Never a dull moment, I'm sure!

Cindy said...

What a girl- she's still our baby- I don't care what she says!! But I would love to read her little thoughts!!!!!