Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Buzz about books!

When I was younger I HATED READING! I just couldn't stop playing long enough to actually read! The only time I liked it is when my Mema would take me to her library during the summer and I would do the book club. Something about it was a challenge and I liked that!
Well, now that I am older (you know I'm in my 20's that's pretty old), I have really enjoyed reading and I want to share with you my new favorite books!

They are the A.D. Chronicles by Bodie & Brock Thoene, and they are awesome! My mil and sil have read them all and passed the 1st one on to me. Well, I got hooked! These books are written in New Testament Bible times and they "discover truth through fiction". They take the bible and put fictional characters to it as well as real ones like Jesus. They make the bible seem so real, it's like the story really comes alive to you! In First Light (the first book) I found myself reading a chapter and then looking for the same story in my bible. When Jesus speaks they use the real words from scripture. I just can't explain how incredible these books are! As my sil says, it's like the writers are God inspired and they make you fall in love with Jesus more. They are also filled with mega adventure and drama! There were times when I cried, times that I was cheering, times that I was afraid, and time that I wanted to jump through the pages and do something about the situation!

I finished "First Light" and today I bought "Second Touch" and I just can't wait to dive in! Just the cover is enough to send me over the edge with excitement!!! If your looking for a good fictional book to read this is the one! But don't take my word for it!


Amanda said...

I get chills just thinking about those books. I've got the rest of them so you can borrow them...unless you just want to own them--I know I do! :)

Kat said...

I had no idea you are in to reading now! Oh, it is so much fun!

Cindy said...

You need to come over and go through my books. I have so many of these- and they are actually all in one place- All that cleaning we've been doing, you know! :-)