Saturday, August 18, 2007

This blog thing is so cool!

I am starting to really love this whole blog world! Just a few months ago I had no idea that this blog world really even existed, and boy was I in for a surprise! Anyway, it has been fun to create my own blog and also to look at friends and family's blogs. Just recently my sil (who is a serious blogger) has been introducing me to other blogs and ways to advertise my own blog. Wow! This has been a real treat! Just this week I have had 4 outsiders comment on my blog!!! That is so exciting to me that someone who doesn't know me would take time to look around my very basic blog! Just today my sil gave me a link to another blog that just blew my mind! It is a young mom who does Hispanic children's ministry with her husband and is also going through some similar decision making concerning her little ones just as we are. It is so crazy how God is so in the details of our life that He would connect people even through a blog! How awesome is that! VERY!!! So thank you to all who take time out of your day or week to look around at my life and thoughts! You are greatly appreciated! And did I mention that I love this blog thing!

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Amanda said...

Oh, my! I can't even take that quiz. I'd get 110%. I'm so glad you're finding a community. That's what's surprised me the most about blogging! Wow, a window into the Body of Christ!!