Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Buzz that is BEHIND!

Ok, so I have totally fallen behind on my blog. It takes a lot of work to keep this thing going.

I have been so busy already this summer!? Is that good or bad?

These are the things we have done so far this summer...

  • visited my family in South Georgia and while we were there we did a little family history hunt that is absolutely cool.

  • went to my sisters high school graduation! GO MORGAN!
  • had my 9 year old brother for a week. We went swimming and played at the park. It's always good to hang out with D.

  • my sister and I went to South GA, to see our cousin's high school graduation! GO HALEY!

  • loaded up with Jason's family in a 12 passenger van and drove to Columbia, Missouri. Jason's cousin got married out there this past weekend so we got to see all the California family.
  • stopped in St. Louis and visited the Gateway Arch. That was fun!

  • tons of ministry stuff! Completion of Kids Club for the school year, kicking off Super Book Olympics in our apartment, Camp Rocks planning, etc.

  • visiting the library with Nora. She loves the library, we spent an hour and a half in the kids section of the library one day. Crazy!
  • POTTY TRAINING:( :) (see next blog)

    It has been a very eventful summer already and I have lots of pictures and video and one of these days I will have time to stop and put them on my blog!!! It's a work in progress:)


Staci said...

Life never slows down, does it?!

Amanda said...

It's fun to be busy!

Katie said...

Whoa! I started at Erin Rogers' MySpace page, and (through a chain of pages and blogs) I found you! How are you? Long time since we've seen each other, but I hope you are doing well....Nora is adorable. :)

Kat said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog! (Even though you don't really have time to...I hear that!!)

Cindy said...

It's all GOOD!!