Friday, June 15, 2007

The Buzz about the potty

OK, so we are officially potting training this summer! Nora is now 3 and it is time:) I think potty training is one of the hardest thing we have had to do so far. It is harder for me to remember Nora needs to go potty than it is for Nora to actually do it. We now have to announces to the whole house "I have to go potty"! There is absolutely no more bathroom privacy. It feels as if our days consist of nothing more than talking about the potty. I have never had so much conversation about the potty before in my life. It is all we talk about at home, and when we are away from home. When we are at the store we have to visit the potty 3 or 4 times so that we don't miss our opportunity. Everything revolves around the potty. The word potty, do I have to always refer to it as the potty? We have read books about the potty and I even checked out a potty time video at the library. This is a lot of work! She refuses to wear diapers. She says "Only babies do dat". So, every time she goes to bed or takes a nap she wets the bed, but I know she will eventually figure it all out. All in all she is doing good. Today she used the potty 3 times but also had 3 accidents. At least its a start! So if your wondering what we are doing this summer well, it's all about the potty!

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Amanda said...

She's going to get it soon! She's a smart girl! You're doing good, Brandy!