Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney Pic of the Day: Animal Kingdom Lodge

Well, we took 380 pictures on our camera during our Disney trip this summer not including all the Disney Photo Pass spots we stopped to have our picture made!  So, I am going to try and post a Disney Pic of the Day each day and then write some kind of memory caption to go along with it!

Picture #1 is taken outside of our fabulous resort the Animal Kingdom Lodge on the first day of our vacation!  We loved this resort, the rooms and there African decor, the animals out your balcony, the pool with a slide and movies at night, the $14.99 cups that you can refill whenever you want with whatever you want (coffee and root beer for mom and dad, hot chocolate and root beer for nora), the drums being played in the lobby, the FOOD (BOMA), the kids activities and this is just a taste of it all!  I wish we could have stayed another week just to do everything the resort offered!  Our first day we did stay at the lodge because it was nice and relaxing and we wanted to explore this new place! I have never stayed in a Disney resort, so this was my first and I am hooked!  It was like being on the Disney boat!  We swam in the pool and walked around the Savannah to see the animals and sat by the camp fire and heard some African stories.  That night we ate at our resort in the restaurant Boma and it was my favorite!  Everyday when we would walk past it I would ask Jason and Nora if they wanted to eat again!  It was a buffet all you can eat African style foods and if you know me you know those are some of my favorite flavors and foods!  We had the Disney dining plan and I think that might be our favorite part of Disney!  We ate until we couldn't breath!  Disney=Good Food!


camVIS said...

Was it at all similar to your real trip to Africa?

Brandybuzz said...

Well a little different but they did have wooden ladders made in Burkina Faso!

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

I am so jealous!!