Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here is how we spent our MLK day:

Nora and I took a trip to Target to purchase first aid supplies, basic toiletries, SPAM (yuck), baby supplies etc. to fill shoe boxes for the people in Haiti.  We packed our shoe boxes with goodies and Nora made "Praying for You" cards to be tucked inside too.

Then we all took a trip to one of my favorite coffee shops ever!  Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee House!  I must mention that I don't get to go there often because it's not anywhere near my daily path...but I am considering joining the Coffee Club.  So, it's a special treat to visit this groovy place!  Anyway, the reason we took our trip there was to drop off our shoe boxes for the precious Haitians with the perk of getting a coffee! Land of a Thousand Hills put out flyers asking people to fill shoe boxes for a local church that was collecting them and shipping them out.  What a perfect way to talk to Nora about the devastation as well as allowing her to get involved in a hands-on way!  And she was involved!  She picked out strawberry shortcake band-aids for girls and Diego for the boys!  She also wanted to get bottles for the babies!  She was also very interested in the cans of SPAM (yuck)!

Well, we dropped off our boxes and Nora got a cinnamon roll and we got coffee.  But, I had already started to feel bad and I didn't really get to enjoy my cup:(  Oh, well...the trip was totally about the coffee anyway!  We are praying for Haiti!

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