Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kindergarten Blues

Baby girl you had such a good day yesterday! You loved your 1st day of kindergarten.

You were so happy about the kissing hand puzzle that you made!

You were so tired yesterday. You wanted to put on your pj's at 5:30. You slept so hard that you never even moved in your bed last night. You were still in the same spot when I came in this morning.

But on day 2 you had the Kindergarten Blues.

My mom came in early this morning...
to get me out of the bed.
She wanted me to get my clothes on ...
but i felt like i was dead.

Then it was time eat breakfast...
but i could hardly eat.
Then my dad said your wearing socks kid...
And I could hardly speak.

And it's so hard...
it's so hard going to kindergarten!

I got the...kinder-garten blues
kinder-garten blues
kinder-garten blues!

I know your having a better morning now that you are with your friends in your class!
I love you!

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