Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cousin Adventures part 1

My Cousin is visiting this week from Pinehurst. So, today was our 1st day of adventure! We started the day by visiting an Asian market on Buford Hwy. One word for that: Stinky. It was pretty neat but wow the smell! Then we headed to ATL where we ate lunch at the Varsity! Wow was it crowded!!!!! We waited in a mob of people for half an hour.

Frosted Orange...Yum!

Stopped by Centinnial Park and the CNN center

Final stop Turner Field! Braves & Mets! Crowded...standing room only!

Busy but very fun day! Stay tuned for more adventrues this week!


Becky said...

If you're interested in asian markets, we go to the Super H Mart in Johns Creek. There are other locations too...but they don't smell! Unless you're in the seafood dept, there is no smell. :)

Kat said...

What fun pictures! Makes me want to do all that stuff!