Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Camping

This summer we are attempting to take two short camping vacations as a family. Here are some pictures from the first one. In May we camped at Stone Mountain Park.

Nora making OJ!

Nora eating in the tent because it started to rain!

Hot dog roasting!

Nora loved the rocks at the camp site!

Banana Boats- Yum, Yum!

Stone Mountain Sky Hike's kids low ropes playground!
This new attraction is a lot of fun! Nora did the low ropes like 10 times. She loved it! Then the 3 of us did the 1st level of the high ropes! Wow, it was freighting to have Nora up there with us but we made it and loved it!

On top of the mountain for lunch and pictures!

More of Nora's rock collection!

In the tent while it rained and rained.

Wanda the tight rope walker at the backyard circus!

Antebellum Plantation

Playing at the mill

We had a lot of fun together! We can't wait for the next trip! Stay tuned for more camping fun!


Staci said...

This looks like a lot of fun! What neat memories for Nora!

Kat said...

So very fun! I love Stone Mountain!