Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Mama and Nora weekend

Daddy was gone for the weekend so it was time for the girls to hang out! We started it all off at a playhouse in our area. A family of 6 kids performed "Town Mouse and Country Mouse." It was so cute! They did a fantastic job! Nora dressed as a mouse herself.

This is where the Country Mouse lived. Nora actually got to go on stage and sing the "itsy bitsy spider" with the spider characters. She loved the whole thing!

Then it was time for lunch at Chick-fi-la and then on to Wal-mart to buy 3 birthday gifts!
Next we went to one of our 2 birthday parties that weekend. They are twin girls and they are so cute! They had a bounce house with a huge slide! Nora skipped the cake because she loved playing on that thing! Then home for dinner, a bath and COOKIES!

We frosted and sprinkled some good old sugar cookies! Yum! We had a fun girls day!

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Staci said...

What a fun time! And I'm sure Nora ALWAYS makes things more fun :)