Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunny Cal: part 1

Getting ready to leave for our first plane ride together! Nora has been on a plane once before with her Grandmama and Papa when they took her to California. She was about 2 then but two years later she doesn't seem to really remember that. She was very excited! Jason has tons of family in Riverside, so we are going to visit them and crash his cousins wedding!

Daddy and Nora on the plane.

Mama and Nora on the plane.
At Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol's house. Yes, that is a zip line in the back yard!
Yes, and an awesome play house too!
Playing with cousins!

Then everyone took a dip in a giant bubble bath! Uncle Joe put bubbles into the pool, crazy!

Nora and new baby cousin Aubrey.

A whole lot of little cousins!
More Sunny Cal to come!


Staci said...

How fun to have so many cousins around!

Kat said...

I want to live in that playhouse!