Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Pictures Are Gone

Well, Jason took a look at his computer and in fact my pictures are gone. It is awful. All our cute beach pictures from California and more are gone. It is so sad:( I had the cutest close up picture of the bottom of Nora's feet all covered with sand and now it is gone. They are all gone. That was Nora's 3rd time at the beach and she loved it! We could not keep her out of the water! At one point she walked up to the boogie board, wrapped the Velcro strap around her wrist and headed out to catch some waves without ever saying a word to any of us. She is not afraid! And I had some priceless shots of her swimsuit. At the beginning of the summer I bought her a size 4 swimsuit because that is the size she wears in everything else. Well, we had not been swimming very much before we went to California so I didn't realize that the back end of her swimsuit was completely in her crack the whole time. It totally looked like she was wearing a thong but she didn't notice at all. She kept right on playing and swimming and jumping and bending over for all to see! Everyone thought it was hilarious. I did too, but part of me was way embarrassed. So when we got home I went straight out to buy her a size 5 swimsuit. It is a little better but there must be something about her back end, this one still wants to ride a bit. Oh, well!


Kat said...

I'm sorry about the pictures! That really stinks!
The bathing suit thing is hilarious, though!

Staci said...

Oh Brandy...that breaks my heart!

But the bathing suit in the crack is hilarious :)