Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Playing Catch Up

I am SO behind on my blog:( Today is the 1st day of our Thanksgiving break:), so I will attempt to catch everyone up!

Here is some of Nora's School Work from the past two weeks...

Yes, it says she is Thankful for "her sins"??? Her teacher told me that they asked her again but she told them the same thing so they wrote it. We have talked about sin but she is 3, so there is no telling what is in her little mind:) It's kinda funny:)

Last week was Nora's Thanksgiving performance at school. She is in the 3 year old class and they dressed like Indians. She sang "10 Little Indians", "Fall Fiesta", I'm Glad That I Live", "A Boy's Lunch" (from the Musical Bible), "God is Good, Good". She was very cute! Jason took a cute video of the performance (maybe he will put it on his blog?) and my mom took these pictures...
Before the show. Nora was so funny when she noticed Grammy, Nana and Grandmama. She told all her friends, "That's my Grammy, Nana and Grandmama." Then when Jason came in she told them "That's Miss Jason." She cracks me up!

So she didn't want to wear her hat on stage:( But she is still cute:)

That is the back of my head leading the little Indians.

She is making her Indian noise dramatically and everyone on the front is watching:)

What A Ham!

Yesterday was Nora's Thanksgiving party in her class. I got to be a part of this party and it was cute to see her in the class room setting. We sat at the little table and ate together and then they made a cute pine cone turkey.

Well, I have got to get off this computer now because Nora and I are having a Thanksgiving craft day! We are going to make crafts and turkey cupcakes in our PJ's today:) More pictures to come from this!

I hope your Thanksgiving is a blessed time with your family and friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Staci said...

She is preparing for Broadway!! And I can't wait till she grows up and we can find out what "her sins" are!!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

oh amanda said...

So fun! I can't wait to see that little turkey tomorrow!

Kat said...

Look at all of that cool stuff you did! You make me tired just thinking about it! What fun!

Cindy said...

Nora is a smart girl...and talented! But she's just taking after her mommy!!