Friday, November 2, 2007

October 31st!

We started Wed. morning out dressed as Dorothy and the Scarecrow(sorry no picture) as we headed out for school.

A mommy reading Nora's class the "Pumpkin Parables". Can you find Dorothy?

A very cool maze that a parent made for all the kids to walk through as they get candy!

Dorothy getting candy at trick or trunk at school.
Check out some of these trunks...they are so cool!

Dorothy with her FULL candy bag! Look at the happiness on her face!

So later that night we dressed again and headed to Jason's aunt's house to do some trick or treating or just get candy. She lives in a nice new neighborhood so the atmosphere was nice and calm. Nora and Lydia had such a fun time! We walked them around to a few houses and then they came back and helped hand out candy to the kids that came to the door. I think they liked that part the best! Lydia just kept saying "candy, moe candy". When we told Nora that we were going to knock on some more doors for candy she said "WHY"? She didn't understand why we would go to someone we didn't know and knock on their door. One house we went to the lady had chocolate eyeballs in her basket. Nora said,"I don't want those eyeballs". One door that the girls knocked on Lydia started saying "key, key", she knew we needed a key to open it. They were so funny!


oh amanda said...

You got some good pictures! I still lol every time I think of the 2 of them knocking on that door and Lydia saying, "key! key!"! (see, I'm laughing right now! ha!)

Kat said...

What a couple of cuties! Never a dull moment with those two!

Staci said...

Ya'll have had more Halloween outings than I've every heard of!! Nora just gets cuter and cuter!!