Saturday, October 13, 2007

Party at the Park

Friday morning we went to a birthday party! This is the 1st birthday party of the school year, there will be many more! One of Nora's girl friends was turning the BIG 4! Yikes! It scares me to think that Nora will be turning 4 in May. It's closer then we think. Anyway, this little girl had her birthday party at the park. It was a lot of fun and of coarse Nora had a blast with her friends!

This is Nora's best friend. Really! They were in the same class last year and they LOVE each other. Nora is always talking about "N" and "N" is always talking about Nora. Yes, they both have N names and blond hair. Crazy! They are DOUBLE TROUBLE!!! Just ask their teacher:)

The little girl in the striped shirt is the birthday girl. She is so cute;)

These are all kids from my music class so they think it is so weird that Miss Brandy is at the party. They think I live in that music room. I am glad I don't!


Staci said... cute! There's nothing cuter than a birthday party with a bunch of little girls :)

oh amanda said...

They are cute. But Nora is still THE CUTEST!

Cindy said...

So cute! And Nora does look really big already. I can't even think about 4 yet!
There were a lot of kids at that party. It looked really fun!