Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...kinda

Were back in school again! Nora Tuesday morning ready for her 3 year old class! She is very proud of her new lunch box!

Nora finding here name before she enters the classroom. She's checking out the name Cindy.
Picture of mommy and Nora at the end of the day. Great picture right?!
Here are two videos of before and after school.


Juliana said...

She's so CUTE!! It's funny how stickers fix anything for a kid. They get so excited.

Staci said...

I hope she keeps that enthusiasm all the way through!! What I thought was funny was that her hair was all done up and pretty in the first video and it the second, a long day at school was obviously pretty active b/c she was pushing her hair out of her face :)

mandi said...

Poor thing is loaded down on her way to school ... how many books are in that yellow bag?!?

Kat said...

How funny! I love your interviews! Someday I'll have to show Nora my sticker collection. I think I started it when I was her age. :0)