Sunday, August 26, 2007


This week of my study has focused on Moses meeting God. You know, when Moses notices the bush is on fire but not burning up. Day 3 focuses on Exodus 3:5 "Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing his holy ground." Here are some parts that spoke to me...

Humility is a requirement to be intimate with God. His greatness can be seen only by those who have none of their own. The less you see of yourself, the more you will see of God. It does not mean that you are not talented. It may be, in fact, that you are brilliant. What it does mean is that you are far more interested in looking at God than at yourself. That is a sign of true humility.

It means to make a true estimate of ourselves in the presence of our majestic and holy God. It involves a sense of complete dependency on God because we realize our inadequacy and weakness apart from Him. Andrew Murray said humility is, "our participation in the life of Jesus." Jesus was, according to Matthew 11:29, "gentle and humble in heart." He came to do the Father's will. That is the act of a humble person. The humble one never exalts self, but only God and His desires.

The presence of God demanded a holistic preparation of the one who would aspire to enter into his presence. Therefore, to teach Moses this lesson, God set up admittedly arbitrary boundaries-do not come any closer- and commanded that he should also remove his sandals. This was to prevent him from rashly intruding into the presence of God and to teach him that God was separate and distant from mortal men. Because God was present, what had been ordinary became holy ground and consequently set apart for a distinct use.

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freddie said...

I think I'll be a humble person only when I'll know myself down to the deep, and love and welcome what ever I'll find in me. It's that the very bit that God loves most of me and that I probably try to mask in some way or another.