Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Today was our first Sunday of serving in I guess what is our new church! Kinda crazy to say that! Nora and I headed to our 3 year old Sunday school room at 9AM to prepare as Jason headed to the media room to work with the media team.

I am teaching a small group of 3 year olds and there was going to be 2 small groups in my room. I was over the red group and another girl was over the blue group. However, the other girl never came so, I had 14 3 year olds!!! YIKES!!! Actually it turned out fine. The Sunday school coordinator stayed to assist as well as a teenage girl.

We started the morning with some small group time just getting to know each other. The kids were so cute! Then after 15 minutes we moved into our large group time where we sat on circle rugs and sang songs with motions and jumping and then listened to a fun interactive bible story. It was really cute. The kids enjoyed it a lot.

After the large group time then it was back to our class for more small group time. Only I didn't have a small group, I had a LARGE group! The next part was a bit challenging. The kids had to match 3 different stickers to 3 different bible stories on their paper. After that craziness, we went to the table to color and eat snack. Nora was having a great time. She was being my personal assistant. She was being such a Big Girl!

I went around and asked the kids what their favorite part was and one little boy who was screaming when he came in said, "I am happy now!" He was so proud of himself and so was I. As they colored I sang the song "The B-I-B-L-E". One little girl who came and snuggled next to me during the bible story seemed to love this song. She kept singing it even after I was done. I just kept saying that's so good and then I would sing it again. So sweet!!!

The Sunday School coordinator apologized for the crazy Sunday, but I totally understand the bind that they were in and had a blast anyway! It was good to be back in the saddle again!

10:45 parents picked up their kids and some of the kids went across the hall to Little K. Nora went right over with the other kids. I cleaned my room and then went to get her to go home. She did not want to go, so we stayed another hour. I went to the service and Jason happily worked in the media room for the second service too. He got to run the media shout program by himself during the 11AM service, I got to watch from my pew! He really enjoyed it! He was so proud of himself.

We had a great Sunday and it just felt good for all of us to be back in the saddle!


Amanda said...

Fun and crazy! That's children's ministry as usual! I didn't know Jason was doing media, too. They don't waste any time there, huh?

Staci said...

How fun! So what IS this mystery church?!?!

PerryRocks said...

I have definitely been there. I know how that coordinator felt. Sounds like you had it all under control. I am happy you guys have found a church you love.
Love, Natalie

Cindy said...

I'm happy things went so well on Sunday. I want you to feel settled and you sound like you are!