Friday, July 13, 2007

The Buzz about Camp Rocks! 2007

So it's another year of camp behind us. Yikes! I can't believe that this year's camp is over and done with. It is bitter sweet.

I love camp for so many reasons:
The kids, being in God's creation, a chance to be creative, teaching kids to spend time with God and his Word, the friendships, the songs, the camp out night, the campfires, s'mores, and this year "the food" complements to Rooster and Ovenbird, and the chance to hangout with Jason's family from out of town.

I am glad when it is done for other reasons:
the kids, to many bug bites, my creativity is gone, not enough sleep, I miss my bed and my shower, I miss Nora, I just need 5 minutes alone!

But when it is all said and done I do really miss all the fun and precious times we shared and I can't wait until the next year. In fact I start planning what I want to do next year.

This year we were extremely short staffed and Jason and I both had to be counselors. It had been 5 years since I had been a counselor. We also did not decide that I would be a counselor until 2 days before camp. So naturally, I panicked! I could not remember all the things I needed to get ready just for my cabin of girls. Let's see there was decorations for our cabin, little gifts for each girl, cabin time activities, a blanket for bible ex and morning watch, plan bible ex, evening devotions, cabin rules, cabin capers, it felt like the list went on and on. Not only this list but the list for 2 classes and 2 messages. I know that I wasn't the only one who was in this same predicament. I think most of us that went to camp felt this same way. Lord, Help Me! I'll never get it all together! And guess what He did help. Some how it all came together.

So I was totally nervous about having my own cabin, but of course it was fun. I had one who was terribly homesick and stayed that way until Thursday. Another who was a handful to say the least, and one who was extremely s-l-o-w. The other 3 were just peachy. Taking all these different dynamics and putting them into one small room was a challenge but we all survived. I think my favorite part of our cabin was at night when all the girls would be in their beds and I would read to them. I brought 2 really cool books, one was stories of Jesus with children and each story told you to close your eyes and imagine the story, the other was a book about how God is Awesome and it also answered questions about God. The girls loved both books and every night they couldn't wait to hear a new story. It was such a sweet quiet time with the girls and the Lord. I believe that we could all feel his presence as we rested ourselves in for the night. I think this was my favorite part of camp. It was a blessing spending some close family time with a few of the girls in our apartment ministry. I know that our relationship will be stronger just from that one week. That is another favorite part of camp!

So I had a few pictures of my girls and of our girls night activity and just as I am going to insert pictures I find out that there is something wrong with my memory card:( I think I could just cry. Even the camera will not read it. My pictures are gone:( I even had pictures of Egg (Kristen) dressed as a china doll. I can't believe my pictures are gone. Well, I know this post would have been more interesting with my pics. Sorry!

It was a good year at Camp Rocks!


Staci said...

Ohhh Brandy that makes me sick about losing your pictures! I'm so sorry!!

I loved hearing your viewpoint of camp. The good news is that next year can ONLY be better :)

Amanda said...

Oh, your pictures! How sad!

The good thing about camp is that the kids have NO IDEA that you (and everyone!) was stressed. They just love it!

Kat said...

OH Brandy! I'll dress up again like a China doll for your own personal photo shoot! That does stink about the pictures though! (I think someone else got some photos of that girls' night...I want to say maybe Hummingbird???? Not sure.)
I love your camp write up! You captured a lot my feelings exactly.