Monday, June 18, 2007

More Buzz about Vacation

More pictures from our Vacation in Missouri. These were taken with a different camera, so the color is kinda funny.

Amanda (Jason's sister), Darrell (Jason's Dad) and Cousin Issac hanging out in the hotel lobby.

Nora and Issac on the dock at the lake where Caleb and Maegan were married.

Nora has a BIG crush on Issac and he is so very sweet to her.

Nora and Papa praying at the Rehearsal dinner.

Sweetest picture:)

Mommy and Nora at the Rehearsal dinner.

Nora is drinking sparkling grape juice. She said "It tickles my nose!"

Nora and Papa.

another model picture

Maegan and Caleb/Bride and Groom

St. Louis, Arch

Nora and the Arch

Nora inside the arch in the museum part.

She is dressing up like the prairie days.

Stick'm up Pocahontas

This is us getting into the dyer to ride to the top of the arch.
I actually have a better picture of us inside but it was to dark:(
Les is the only one who looks good!
Plus I don't know how to flip it. Sorry!

Pictures of the St. Louis outside the window at the top of the arch.
1st picture: bridge over the Mississippi River
2nd picture: the ball feild and buildings
Nora was actually afraid of looking out the window for the 1st 5 minutes.

630 Feet high, WOW!

Us at the top of the arch.
Can you find the person who doesn't belong?
I think he is standing in for Jason.

St. Louis Eads bridge.
Jason's other cousin David, his last name is Eads and David's dad is from St. Louis.
There has got to be a family connection.

So this was Missouri. We had a really fun time!


Katie said...

Ok wierd....I ran into Jason at Starbucks the day after I found your blog. :) Small world.

The vacation pictures are cute, and it looks like you guys had a great time. We are leaving for the beach tomorrow, and we're going with my sister, brother-in-law, and my niece. Fun times!

Natalie said...

Hey Brandy,
I love all the pictures. I just updated or uploaded?? some of mine onto my blog. I had 125! Crazy. It was nice to see you and Jason and especially Nora. What a cutie. I put the bug into Amanda's ear to have Christmas in California! You guys need to think about it :)

Love, Natalie
P.S. I need your email address.